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29 September
California, United States
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LUST after me

Muffin. ♥ Just trying to get his life together ♥. OC-Maker and member of the Jello Trio, along with Sweet May and Miku ♥. Fan of Many Anime/Manga, most of them are in his lj post, but there's a couple he left out so ask around!! He'll get into almost any fandom you suggest him too, so request away ♥. Loves making new friends; but can be reclusive at first ♥. Hates math and boredom. Loves friends, his favorite characters, and being a team mom ♥. Will ship anything. Rambles alot. Loves music, the sky, friendship, and other things you'd find at 4kids!

Sweet May && Miku && Tiffany

Lust profile layout made by airsongs visit her and her epic graphics community!! She's a one of a kind friend :].

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